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The opening up of Eastern Europe resulted in the appearance of until then less know groups on the jazz scene, whose capabilities could thus become better know and appreciated. One of these is a quartet of musicians performing under collective name "František Uhlíř Team" (F.U.T.). The first group of musicians was founded in 1987 by František Uhlíř, a string bass player who is one of the generation of musicians known as the "Czech string bass playing school"(M. Vitous, G.Mraz).
Chamber music of F.U.T. is well-balanced and springs out of the interaction of players, who offer surprising possibilities insofar as changes of colours and expression are concernd. Figuratively speaking, the music produced by F.U.T. is living organism in which František Uhlíř is the soul, David Vrobel voice, Adam Tvrdý is the supporting structure and Jaromír Helešic the heart. F.U.T. playes standard jazz compositions with great deal of understanding and feeling, often spiced with the musicians own modifications, as well own compositions influenced by jazz standards.
The musical orientation of the quartet is demostrated on the CD named "František Uhlíř Team featuring C.Stötter", published by Edy's.
F.U.T. makes regular appearances in Prague's jazz clubs (Agharta,Reduta,U staré paní). It has also had many opportunties to show its performing skills at jazz festivals at home (Prague, Karlovy Vary,Olomouc, Přerov, Hradec Králové,Český Těšín aj.) and successful concerts in Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

František Uhlíř (1950)
A graduate of the Brno Conservatoire. He has been a long-time member of Karel Velebný's SHQ, formations of pianist E. Viklický and now he also has his own band known under name F.U.T. (F.Uhlíř Team). He is regarded as a player carrying forward the so-called Czech string bass playing tradition(G. Mraz, M. Vitous). The portfolio of his activities includes cooperations with numerous internationals groups and soloists as well( East-West Connection, Czech-Norwegian Band, Europlane Orchestra, D.Weckl, B.Moses, S.Costanzo, P.Wilson, B.Bailey, J.Newman, T.Curson, S.Nistico, S.Hamilton, S.Robinson, B.Golbin, D.Gojkovič, S.Gut, C.Stötter, B.Dennerlein, St.Schlegel, D.Moccia, S.Houben, P.Caterine, P.Mikkelborg etc.).

David Vrobel (1976)
alto sax
He got his first musical experiences at the ZUŠ in Litvínov. In 1999 he was accepted to the Ježek's conservatory in Prague (Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka v Praze) where he studied with professor J. Plačka and successfully graduated in 2005.
During his studies he already had his professional engagements, mostly in theater orchestras (Divadlo v Celetné , Městké divadlo v Mostě a divadlo v Pardubicích). Besides the theater music David played in blues and jazz bands (R. Trossman, B. Wolf's Bohemia Big Band).
Presently David Vrobel belongs to the professional jazz scene in Prague and regularly performs with several bands (Petr Hanzlík's swing band, Thelonica, V. Hybš orchestra and many others).
Since 2005 David is a member/soloist of the "František Uhlíř Team" (F.U.T.).

Adam Tvrdý (1976)
He is olso composer and guitar instructor. He educated at the Kozervatoř Jaroslava Ježka (Jaroslav Jezek's Conservatory in Prague). Attended the Berklee Summer Jazz Workshop in 1997. Awarded for the best soloist at the Jazz Workshop, Frýdlant v Č., Czech Republic in 1995. Professional guitar player since 1997.
Adam has worked with some of the best of the Czech jazz music scene and since 1999 has been working with many jazz musicians in the USA. He had toured the USA, Caribbean, Canada with his jazz trio. In 2002-2003 entered the jazz music scene in New York City and collaborated with some great players, such as Essiet Essiet, Jason Fraticelli, David Phillips - acoustic bass, Joe Rybczyk Jr., John Serry - piano, Tony Moreno - drums, Kendra Shank - vocal, Al Galladoro - clarinet/saxophone and others.
Since the Spring 2005 Adam lives in the Czech Republic again and works on his musical projects (T-V J Q, Tvrdý-Hejnic-Kořínek trio) as well as he plays in several bands in Prague. He has become a member of the František Uhlíř Team (F.U.T.) in 2005.

Jaromír Helešic (1947)
Born in Uherské Hradiště and brought up in Mikulčice, south Moravia. Since the 1960s he has been living in Prague where he played in a number of jazz formations (Jazz Half Sextet, Jazz Nova) before joining double bassist L.Hulana’s Jazz Sanatorium. In the 1970s Jaromír Helešic became one of the best and most sought after dummers in the country (Impuls, Energit L. Andršt, Jazz Q M. Kratochvíla, Pražský Big Band, Milan Svoboda Q, R. Dašek Trio). Jaromír has performed with various music projects all over Europe, India and elsewhere.