Frantisek Uhlir

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Born 24.7. 1950 in Ustí n/Orlicí in Czech Republic.From 1965 has studied double bass,piano and composition at the conservatory in Brno.He graduated the conservatory at 1971 with concert for double bass and chamber orchestra by J.K.Vanhal(1739-1813). In 1971 he moved to Prague, where he very quickly established as bass player and composer on music scene.In 1973 on Jazz Festival in Přerov he he got the price as the best soloist.
He played and collaborated with the best Czech jazz musicians(K.Velebny SHQ E.Viklicky Q, Linha Singers, Impuls, L.Deczi Cellula International, J.Stivin Q, Baroque Jazz Q , K.Ruzicka, 
During his career he has been collaborating with many international groups and musicians:
D.Weckl, B.Bailey, W.Shaw, J.Newman, P.Wilson, Sal Nistico, T.Curson, S.Hamilton, S.Costanzo, S.Robinson, B.Moses, B.Golbin, E.and J.Keizer, L.A.Davison fromU.S.A.; Houben, P.Catherine, J.Piroton from Belgium; B.Dennerlein, D.GojkovicW.Lackerschmied, W.Haffner, C.Stötter, D.Terzic, A.Hertrich, East -West Connection from Germany; G.Cazzola, R.Magris, G.Centis, Europlane Orchestra from Italy; J.Nicholas, D.Wickins, T.Smith, Ed Severn, T.Bancroft from Great Britain; S.Goldenberg from Izrael; D.Moccia, R.Morgentaler, S.Schlegel, O.Giovannoni from Switzerland, Czech-Norwegian Band,P.Mikkelborg, A.Riel from Denmark.
He toured with different groups in different countries(Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Russia,Izrael, Canada, Great Britain, Cyprus, Vietnam).
He has recorded many albums as sideman and also two on his name(Basssaga,Frantisek Uhlir Team feat.C.Stötter).Radio and TV shows inland and abroad.As composer, also film music for animation films.
From 1987 is Frantisek Uhlir leader of his own group F.U.T.-Frantisek Uhlir Team.